Monday, September 1, 2008

Jpix 18th Chai "It's Alive" Edition

Welcome to the 18th Jpix carnival (or, the edition that almost wasn't -see the bottom for an explanation).

This is the revival of the Jpix carnival suggested by Batya, started by BagelBlogger, and supported by his dear wife Baleboosteh. In the continuation of the Bagel's legacy, this is a carnival meant to highlight all of the fantastic photos taken by jbloggers across the world. Jpix will also expand to showcase all visual media on Jewish blogs - videos, slideshows, paintings, etc.

So without further ado, here is the 18th edition of Jpix.

Yisrael Medad takes us At Alley's End

Batya shows us Downtown Jerusalem--Under Construction

Batya takes us to Fly A Kite! and says We Truly Are An עם רוחני Am Ruchani.

Batya takes us on a visit to Gush Katif--The Museum and invites us to a Lovely Wedding.

Leora shows us Jerusalem Rebuilt and also Jerusalem in Ruins.

Come along with Devo K on Dawn's early... flight.

Planet Israel shows us Golan 2: Flowers in the Jordan Valley.

Leora shows us a Flower of Jerusalem and Art in Israel

Batya shows us the Shomron As Promised!

Jacob Da Jew shows us the newly painted Williamsburg Bridge.

Rafi G takes us along Touring in Eretz Yisrael: our backyard: The Tzora Forests.

Proudmommyof4 takes us blueberry picking in the Catskills.

This edition has actually been "the dog ate my homework" edition. In this case, my computer ate it. I worked until the wee hours of the night putting the whole carnival together, only to have my entire computer freeze when I hit publish. I had to reboot and lost the entire post. Since I don't have the koach or the time to rework the original, this will have to do.

Hopefully, Batya will have more luck when she hosts next month's Jpix edition on Monday, October 6. Submit your articles for Jpix #19 here. Past posts and future hosts can be found on the blog carnival index page. If you would like to host a future edition of Jpix, email


muse said...

Fantastic job!

Sorry about the computer eating your first attempt, but that's why I compose in word using backups. Then I copy it onto blogger.

Have you read my guide to hosting carnivals on me-ander?

ilanadavita said...

Great job! Thanks for initiating it again.

Leora said...

Bravo, bravo! This is fun.

Sorry to hear about your computer problems. When I did KCC, I backed up little pieces of it as I went along. OK, you get the point.

Wonderful, wonderful.

frumhouse said...

Thanks, everyone! I'm sleepy this morning!

Here is my problem....I often write posts on Word and save them directly to Blogger. However, when I try to include images, I have always run into problems. This is fine if I am just including one image - I can always go back on Blogger and put it in again.

However, re-inserting an entire post of images amounts to me having to redo the whole post again once I get to Blogger.

So, any advice on how to make the images "stick" (both the image and their position) when saving/transferring from Word to Blogger?

Phyllis Sommer said...

great job! i will have to make sure to post some great jpix this week.

i think that if you write the post minus the pictures, you can go back and just add the pictures into the html code. (work in the html tab instead of the "compose" tab)

also, did you know that all the pictures are saved in your picasaweb file - so you can always go an access them again there. but i usually find it easier to just re-upload, i haven't quite figured how to link directly to the picasaweb.

another idea is to upload all the pictures to flickr or photobucket and use the direct hmtl.

hope this helps.

David Linn said...

Great job. Welcome back jpix.

YMedad said...

Very good. And thanks for making me feel more comfortable with my own technological inadequacies and computer errors.

frumhouse said...

phyllis - Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to send in your picture posts through the linked carnival submission page.

In Word I usually pick the option to create a new blog post, and I have my blog linked up in Word. However, what I can't figure out is how to make my images "stick" once published. When I insert html code for the image, it doesn't seem to stick. Therefore, do I have to save each picture I want to post and insert the image from my C: hard drive file?

To me the images are hard to manipulate/space in blogger when you are dealing with multiple images. I keep accidentally erasing them as I respace and move them around. To me it's much easier to lay them all out nicely in Word.

frumhouse said...

david linn - Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to seeing some of your submissions!

ymedad - LOL!!! Well, if I can make one person feel better because of my inadequacies, it was all worth it. :)

Elisson said...

Super carnival! Thanks for taking the time to put it all together.

Mottel said...

wow glad to see j-pix back! Great job putting this one together.

Ben-Yehudah said...


Nice job! Thanks also to Batya for your efforts!

frumhouse said...

elisson, mottel, and ben-yehudah - thanks for stopping by and I hope you all will contribute to next month's edition!

Leora said...

Still thinking about your backup issues...when you copy the post into Blogger, can you then go into the HTML section and copy the code, and paste the code into your hard drive? That might be a way to save it all exactly as Blogger likes it. Though I find Word adds its own code, so I stay away from it for coding. (I write whole posts in code and use Dreamweaver for backups, but that's not going to help you).

Another idea is to learn how to do the code for the images, at least. I could do a post on this, if there's interest. Blogger is floating the images for you, but if you understand the code, you can fine tune your post.

EndOfWorld said...

loved the swirly wedding pict. So joyous and emotional.

frumhouse said...

leora - you are far more skilled in HTML than I am. I would love to read a post where you explain how to code images. I'm sure it would help greatly.

endofworld - I thought Batya's swirly dancing pic was amazing too!

JoeFlix said...

I want to submit! Can someone please contact me? The links dont work