Monday, March 17, 2008

Kosher Cooking Carnival #28 - Dayeinu Edition

Welcome to the Kosher Cooking Carnival #28 - Dayeinu Edition! The carnival is a few days early because I realize that I probably won't have time nor inclination on Taanis Esther to post about food - talk about torture. Also, Blogger had been giving me trouble saving posts as drafts, so it's use it or lose it, so to speak.

Looking back, here's a listing of all the previous KCC's:


Why am I calling it the Dayeinu edition? Because Purim hasn't even started yet, I haven't even begun to clean for Pesach, and already, I've had enough!

Psychologically, I've already gone over everything I have to do, and I'm exhausted. I am wondering if, due to certain rabbanim discouraging Pesach hotel getaways, perhaps there are some last minute bargain bin packages for sale? Anyone? If you can't sell your vacation package directly to another Jew - my neighbor, Mr. Rajesh Pilot, will be happy to purchase it from you and then resell it to me. Let me know!

In the meantime, after the Purim seuda, I will begin the aluminumation of my home in preparation for Pesach as illustrated here:

Now onto KCC #28:

Batya shares her lunch from the The Kapulski Coffee Shop in Lunch From a Legend posted at me-ander.
Batya also discusses her Just Perfect! experience at a wedding with amazing and abundant food.
Did you know that bentching after eating bread helps to ensure that the channel of blessing that enables parnossa is unobstructed? It's really A Simple Equation! Read more about the relationship between bread and parnossa at A Simple Jew.
It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like... Purim over at A Simple Jew. He had me at the chocolate and peanut butter kisses.

Find out more about the famous Golan Heights Winery posted at HaKerem: The Israeli Wine Blog. Try a bowl of Vegan Cream of Asparagus Soup posted at Vegan Bits. Does Bodek make frozen asparagus? I love the stuff, but in Chicago there was a warning about using fresh asparagus - I guess there's little bugs that are hard to see at the tips. Just using the stalks doesn't have the same appeal.
Nostalgia ruled my reaction to Babula's Russian Borscht (Meatless Version) posted at RaggedyMom. This reminds me of my grandma's borscht, although she didn't use beans. Without the beans, this can be made over Pesach.
Yid.Dish: Pizzatashen? is an awesome new take on the traditional hamentashen posted at The Jew and the Carrot. The ultimate Jewish calzone!
Also check out some amazing and sophisticated shaloach manos recipes at Jew and the Carrot.
Insanity Now, Serenity Later tells about his goal to give food of substance and not the usual junk in his post, What's Food Got to do With It?

Dry Bones tells us how to give shaloach manos to our friends in Israel and asks us to vote in his Annual Purim Shmendrik Awards to “honor” those who have most distinguished themselves by their seemingly unwitting support of anti-Semitism.

Ben-Yehudah tells us about the custom of The Four Kugels posted at Esser Agaroth. There is a custom to eat eat four kugels on Shabbath Parshath Zakhor: Eppel (apple), Mel (flour), Lukshen (noodle), Kartofel (potato). The first letter of each of the kugels combine to form the name Amaleq YSh"W, corresponding to the qeriyath hamaftir of the day, Deuteronomy 25:17-19. Who knew? Leora photographs these gorgeous sauteed veggies she made for dinner and discusses Purim when it falls on a Friday in her post, Recipe Ramblings at Here in HP.

Come read about the MIT's great Latke vs Hamentashen debate!
For health food lovers, The Chocolate Lady blogs about Hemp Seed hamantashen.
The World According to Muffin Face goes down memory lane with hamentashen recipes and pictures of Purims past.

Stirrup Queens and Sperm Palace Jesters wants to share her homemade confections for Purim. Before you get any ideas, that's sea salt on that caramel!

Two Kids, Two Adults, One Small Apartment shares the story of her child's special teachers who delivered shaloach manos to their student's homes.

Read about the Laws of Purim at Shirat Devorah, especially as they relate to Purim on Fridays.
April, KCC #29, will be hosted by Mother In Israel. If you're interested in hosting a future KCC, please email the creater and keeper of KCC, Muse, at shilohmuse @ yahoo dot com.

Please submit your posts and any others you deem suitable for KCC via the carnival submission form.

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Batya said...

Stupendous! The absolute best KCC yet!

I'll handle all the "technical stuff" later in the day, including announcing on me-ander. Off to my Tafat-Tanach shiur now; then to tel Shiloh for some stuff.

Leora said...

Beautiful! What a nice layout. Very enticing. Thanks for the link.

RaggedyMom said...

Thanks for the inclusion! Great job all around - I look forward to trying some of these recipes soon!

The Jew And The Carrot said...

Thanks so much for including The Jew & The Carrot. This is a delicious bunch of links - the sea salt caramel looks especially enticing. :)

Editor, The Jew & The Carrot

~ Sarah ~ said...

yummy :)

great edition.

frumhouse said...

Thank you for all the amazing links, everyone!

Ben-Yehudah said...

B"H Sorry for the tardiness. Batya had to remind me. Thanks for the link!

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